Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Were You Brought Up In A Barn

This was suppose to be a dog house for me. But.........I hated it! After all, I wasn't brought up in a barn! It shoulda been a castle! Just sayin! 
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Mom here; we have a neighbor that builds dollhouses. Ralph asked him one day if he built any dog houses. The man said, he had this one. Take it home and try it for a few days. So we did. Well, as you read above, Miss Mindy hated it, and wouldn't go in it at all. I really didn't believe it was Miss Mindy's style, but I really liked it a lot! I did feel that even though it was built very nicely, it was way to delicate for our pup's strong little teeth! So it was returned. We also decide that Miss Mindy has no need of a dog house!