Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Miss NY & MA & NH

Why do you ask? Because I REALLY DO miss trudging through the snow, like my daughter, Jennifer, and grandson, Joey. I REALLY DO miss the thrill of a sled ride down a hill. I REALLY DO miss the cold wind at my face early in the morning. I REALLY DO miss walking Billy in the dark evenings. I REALLY DO miss wearing heavy clothing in order to keep warm. I REALLY DO miss my wood stoves, just blaring with heat. Most of all, I REALLY DO miss my four children and three grandchildren, that live in the colder climates! On the other hand, I REALLY DON'T miss, digging my car out of heavy wet snow, and scraping the ice off of the windows! And.............I REALLY DON'T miss falling down in the ice and snow, and getting my BUT ALL WET! Moral of this post??????? There is JUST NO PLEASING A WOMAN!