Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi, It's Miss Mindy Here

Here I am to say hi to all my new friends! I understand that a very sweet boy Yorkie had this blog before me. MAN! HE SURE LEFT A LOT OF TOYS BEHIND FOR ME! But the woman did buy me some new ones too! It sure sounds like he was a pretty nice little pup! I am hearing a couple of words a lot, Mommy, Daddy and NO! I'm thinking I am beginning to understand NO, but not the Mommy and Daddy words. I love my new house and the Guy and the Woman, and even love my crate! (I was already use to a crate though). I am even enjoying this trick of Blogging! Yesterday, I was hitting to many keys on the lappytop, and I guess I messed up the mouse! Whats a Mouse? Anyway, the Woman fixed it after a few minutes. So all you pups and felines have a wonderful day, OK? I am so excited to get to know all of you! It is going to be quiet around here today I've been told. The woman is going to go out and make some bacon she says. Hope she brings me home some, cause that sounds good!
Puppy Kisses from Miss Mindy