Monday, June 20, 2011


This post was writtin by Billy about a week before he died. I wasn't going to post it, then thought, he would have wanted me to anyway.

Remember the very colorful blankie I showed you last week? Well, Mom still had a lot of crochet thread left so: she took 14 strands from 14 balls of thread, all different colors, used a very large crochet hook, and made this beautiful "Rag" rug! Then she made a nice thick potholder, (no pic of that). She thinks she has enough left over to make one more pot holder too. She still has some odds and ends left over, and is planning to make some "kitty toys" for her grand kitties in MA. I will have her take some pics of those too. Now, the most important thing here is, Dad will not be able to complain about moving all her crochet thread to NH!!! She is so sly! BOL! (by Billy, a few weeks ago)