Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1st Day In MA, by Billy

We drove and drove and drove and drove, well, you get the picture. The Mom and Dad decided to take three days to get to MA instead of the usual two. I was a little disappointed when I heard they were going to do that, cause I wanted to see my bro's as soon as possible. But you know, they really made the right decision! The usually end up getting on each other's nerves about directions and such. This time, only one little argument took place! It was great! Mom says now, she can't even remember what it was about. So after tons of great snacks in the car, and stops about every two hours, and two sleep-overs, we arrived in MA about 10:30 in the AM. We made arraignments to see my big bros right away. That sure was fun, so much that, this was how I spent my first evening. All cuddled up and cozy with my Dad.