Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day We Remember

Today's post is a two-parter. How can any of us ever forget 8 yrs ago today? I never will! Besides the thousands who lost their lives that day, the families who suffered immensely because of those losses, there came other thoughts that have remained heavy on many of our hearts. My son was in boot camp on 9/11/01. While watching and listening to the news that day, I realized, this was going to affect my son in the near future. He is just now finishing his second tour in the Middle East. When I think of all the loved ones left at home, while our soldiers continue to shed blood, sweat and tears for us, I am so overwhelmed. Heartache for all the families left behind, and an awesome love for those who continue to fight for our country overcomes me every time I hear another soldier has died for his country. But......I am in love with our Great Nation. I am so in awe every time I see a flag flowing with a breeze. I am proud of my son and all his comrades. I am a very grateful American!

Then, also on this date, there was Sunny skies, food, flowers, family and friends, Gathered pool side, for the Marriage of two people. Music, laughter and lots of smiles.

Five years ago today!