Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Ball And "Wooding"

I still play with balls a lot of the time! I must have about a dozen different ones in a nice little basket in the living room. Sometimes, Mom and Dad will throw all of them, one right after another just to see me go crazy! They both really laugh a lot when this is going on! I just love to make them laugh!

The next two pics, I will let Mom  explain about, as I know nothing about "Wooding".

During my stay in New Hampshire this summer, Ralph and I would converse once a day on the phone. He always asked me what I did that day, and once I replied: oh just my usual "wooding" (instead of carving). It was an accident that, that word came out of my mouth, and has become a bit of a joke since!
I often would take a walk in the woods there on the property, to find sticks to use for my projects. On the left side, was a stick that I thought could be made into a horses head. I had to shorten it quite a bit in order for it to take on the look better. It became a hiking stick for the 10 yr old girl that lives upstairs from my daughter. She loves horses, and you should have seen her face when I gave it to her! On the right side is a hiking stick made in two pieces, glued together, of a cat. I wasn't real pleased with the outcome of this one, but the 7 yr old girl I gave it to, seem to really like it. I made a total of 12 hiking stick/canes during my stay there. I mailed 8 of them home. They will be in a craft sale this November.

I also had a lot of fun carving some spoons. My daughter wanted me to make her a set to put on the wall in her kitchen. Forks are a bit hard to do, for me, so this was my rendition of a fork for her!

In the next few weeks, I will be including more pictures of my "wooding" that I did over the summer. I about killed my hands on many days, but happily endured the pain for the outcome!

Many lovies from Miss Mindy, of course!!!