Monday, September 19, 2011

I Guess I was Naughty

One day recently, my Mom said I was naughty. I really don't know what I did! She said I was so naughty, she was going to cut all the hairs off of me. Well the nerve of her I thought! Why was I going to get all my hairs removed because of something I know nothing about? So.......I endured over an hour, on top of the washing machine, (best place in our house for grooming), while she took that little electric thingy, and cut every last hair off my sides and legs. WELL!!! She sure found out how skinny I am, cause immediately, she gave me some very special cookies. Hmmmmm, maybe I should be naughty more often, ya think? Dad came home from the market with all kinds of goodies for us, and his face just dropped when he saw me! Uh Dad..........Mom said I was naughty, and I guess she wanted me to look ugly. Dad started laughing then. He said My name should be Twiggy, now! Then he said Mindy, Mom didn't say you were naughty, and she sure wouldn't cut all your hairs off if you were. She were KNOTTY, or at least your hairs were knotty! Anyway, I do believe I have finally figured out the problem. Dad talks like a New Englander, and Mom talks like a Western New Yorker. Thus.......since I listen to Dad all day while Mom is making bacon, I understand the NE accent more. Sheesh Mom, would you learn how to talk better please. At least I got some pretty special cookies for all the agony I went through! is a pic of me, ALL NAKED NOW! Got any extra cookies to help me out?
Lovies to all, Twiggy/Miss Mindy