Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Can you all guess where we went and who this other puppy is? Well, we went to the place where I was found by my Mom and Dad, and they fell in love with me! Anyway, close by, are the peeps that got my brother! His name is Blessing. His Dad is a Pastor, and they thought they were very blessed to find my brother! We sniffed each other all around and realized right away we were brother and sister. We had a good time together, and as you can see, Mom took some pictures of us. Unfortunately, we were both on strings, so we couldn't go all crazy playing and all that, but it was wonderful just to see and know Blessing has a wonderful Mom and Dad like I do! Mom and Dad told me that they will bring me to see my brother again sometime. YAY! See ya Bro!
Puppy Kisses to you all!
Miss Mindy