Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visiting with the grandkids

I am so excited! One more week, and I will be spending time with my two oldest grandchildren, and their parents, (Jennifer and Joe), in western NY! I haven't seen them since I was there last year in June/July. So Julia and Joey, here I come! My oldest daughter,(Sherri) from New Hampshire, will be arriving the same day! It is always fun for us girls to get together and act a bit silly. Since my husband, Ralph, and Sherri's husband, Jim, won't be there, we only have to behave ourselves when Jennifer's hubby is around. Well..........maybe we should behave a little in front of Julia and Joey..............maybe. It will be wonderful for me to get away from this Florida heat and humidity. I have had to spend way to much time indoors because of it. I am getting "cabin fever" early this summer!

I was going to wait to start this blog until Ralph and I become fulltime RVers, but decided it would be fun to start now. After all........three years is a long time to wait to blog. By that time I will really know what I am doing with this anyway.

Remembering my dad today and all those special fathers I know. Happy Fathers Day!