Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They Call This A Teething Ring?

I do believe this is one cool toy! I like to run around the house with it. And when I go in  my crate, it always goes with me. Know why it is pink? Cause the Woman said I should have a pink one! Girls love pink she says.  The Guy almost bought a blue one, but the Woman insisted on pink! The Guy got his way when he said NO PINK HARNESS. They picked a denim one instead. The Woman whispered in my ear, don't worry Miss Mindy, I will make sure you get LOTS of Girlie Girl things, and then she giggled so, it tickled! See ya!
Puppy Kisses from me.

SWEEEEET! I just love nibbling on it! It also makes my mouthie feel good! Thanks Women, for buying it for me!