Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Pressies

I sure am getting some SAAWEET pressies today! Great foodables, toys, another new dress,treats, and a super duper safe car seat! Lets go traveling now Mom and DadQ

Today, I Am One Year Old!

I am howling away, because Mom and Dad don't know how to carry a tune to sing me Happy Birthday, YIKES, my ears!
I am all spiffied up in my new party dress and pearl collar! Guess who made the collar for me? Now I am just waiting for all my friends to arrive, then we will party the rooftop off! BOL I am SO HAPPY!
PS: I do not know what is in that big box yet, but I did get a nice rib bone that I think was in there. It sure smells familiar anyway. And.........I got a super nice B-Day card from my bestist feline friend ever. A pic of that with come sometime later.
See you all soon friends!
Lovies, Miss Mindy