Monday, August 2, 2010

Funday-Monday Old Man In The Mountains

If you have ever been to New Hampshire's White Mountains, Franconia Notch, you probably saw The Old Man in the Mountain! That is, before May 3rd, 2003. You see, on that date, the old man fell to his demise. I know I saw him many times while vacationing up that way. He was quite the spectacular site, and many people miss him! The second picture is a composite image, (by Rob Gallagher), of what it looked like before and after the rocks fell. But don't be sad any longer folks, as the third photo is the newest Old Man in the Mountain!!! No problem that he is in the mountains of WV and not NH., cause at least he is an OLD MAN! So do you think his image will also be on a coin someday?
(And you were wondering why I put this post on Funday Monday for awhile huh?)