Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Lady Of Victory Basilica National Shrine

This Basilica is perhaps the most awesome and beautiful building I have entered in my life! Though I am not Catholic, I was indeed  moved by the beauty and religious symbolism within this shrine. Located on both side of the shrine are the 14 stations of the cross. Every scene consists of nearly life size figures that have been carved from a single piece of marble. The Italian artist Pepini, took 14 years to complete all the stations with incredible detail depicting the passionate emotions of Jesus's final hours on earth. The Great Dome, is perhaps the most dramatic work of art in the building. It is 80 feet in diameter, and about 120 feet from the floor. It depicts the Assumption and Coronation of the Blessed Mother. At the pinnacle of the dome is a white dove of peace peering down from Heaven. There are up to 2500 angels placed in every possible sight line. There is more information, pictures, and historical data on OLV's website,
Some of OLV's Basilica Facts:
Construction:   Spring 1921-Winter 1925
Cost:   $3 Million (at that time)
Consecration:   May 25, 1925
Honors:   Named Minor Basilica on July 26, 1926, by Pope Pius XI
Architect:   Emile Ulrich (France)
Artists:   Prof. Gonippo Raggi (Italy), Marion Rzeznik (Poland)
Material:   46 unique kinds of marble, Pews are made of African Mahogany. The statue of Our Lady Of Victory at the entrance is made of carerra marble from Italy, is 12 feet in height, and weighs 16,000 pounds. (eight tons)