Monday, August 9, 2010

Funday Monday-The Big Bad Wolf

This is a picture of my grandog, Jake. Ralph has renamed him the Big Bad Wolf! Now I gotta tell you, Jake is not that big, nor is he bad, and he is definitely not a wolf!  And Ralph sure enjoyed throwing toys and stick for him! He just thought it was cute to use that terminology for Jake.He is still a puppy, who likes to jump on people, wants to play with little dogs, aka, Billy, and has a penchant for chewing on things, especially water goggles! Many times while sitting on the steps of the porch, Jake would bite, kiss my ear. That sure was a good way to almost lose an earring! Billy did not like him at all! Nothing new for him, as he is afraid off all dogs! But, I really liked Jake a lot! He will soon grow out of his puppy ways, and probably never kiss me again, and his mom won't go broke, replacing water goggles! I'll be waiting to see you again next summer Jake, this time, probably without Ralph or Billy!