Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the center of East Aurora NY, the town my #2 daughter, Jennifer lives in. It is nice that there is a web cam there, so I can check the weather everyday. The scene is right near a very favorite store of mine, that I HAVE to go to every year. It's called Viddlers. When I say they have everything in that store, I MEAN everything! From kitchen gadgets to craft stuff, yarn and sewing to school supplies, and cheap things to quite expensive items. It can take quite a bit of time to check out the entire store as it is pretty big and on two floors. One of my favorite areas is the candles. They have "pie" candles that look and smell good enough to eat! I always come out of that store with something that is very unique every time I go. My sister and niece will be joining us for this outing on Friday the 3rd. My sis loves this store just as much as I do!


Kathy said...

I wanna come too, I love stores like that! Especially kitchen gadgets, I can get lost in there! Have fun up there! Kathy

chicamom85 said...

My Mom wants to come along, we had a store like that in Wisconsin, called "Winkies".

licks and sniffs, Sasha

prissysissy said...

I'm sure your daughter has already told you about all the construction! Main Street is an absolute mess! Just remember that the village is set on a grid, so there are side streets that run parrallel to Main Street. But the businesses will be thrilled to see you! They're hurting from this massive infrastructure project!

My RVing in-laws are here right now! I think that's pretty neat!

countryliving said...

Have a great time!