Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visiting with the grandkids

I am so excited! One more week, and I will be spending time with my two oldest grandchildren, and their parents, (Jennifer and Joe), in western NY! I haven't seen them since I was there last year in June/July. So Julia and Joey, here I come! My oldest daughter,(Sherri) from New Hampshire, will be arriving the same day! It is always fun for us girls to get together and act a bit silly. Since my husband, Ralph, and Sherri's husband, Jim, won't be there, we only have to behave ourselves when Jennifer's hubby is around. Well..........maybe we should behave a little in front of Julia and Joey..............maybe. It will be wonderful for me to get away from this Florida heat and humidity. I have had to spend way to much time indoors because of it. I am getting "cabin fever" early this summer!

I was going to wait to start this blog until Ralph and I become fulltime RVers, but decided it would be fun to start now. After all........three years is a long time to wait to blog. By that time I will really know what I am doing with this anyway.

Remembering my dad today and all those special fathers I know. Happy Fathers Day!


Ms. ~K said...

YAY Gloria!!!!
Your blog is beautiful!!!!
I love mandevillas!

You're going to have so much fun blogging!!!
I'm adding you to my favorites and will mention your blog on tomorrow's post!

Madi's Mom said...

Hi Gloria,
It's me Cecilia, aka Southern Girl from Arctic Camster. Great blog...Kit inspired me so I started working on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I finally got it to where I thought it was acceptable over the weekend. I decided to jump in the water rather than sitting on the shore.
I wanted it perfect but it will all ways be a work in progress. I signed your followers list.

Gizzy's Mom said...

Hi Gloria...I'm having fun blogging too and guess what? It's all cuz of Kit! I'm over at

Good job!
Hugs from one Camster to another!
Bette - CTAntique

countryliving said...


Luv ya Gloria!!!!


Gloria said...

WOW! I start blogging one day,,,,ans looks what happens the next! All kind of my WONDERFUL friends show up at my "house"! Love you gals!!!!!!!!!!

lilwingnut said...

Momma you crack me up!!! i love you so much.

Madi and Mom said...

Hey Gloria....your July posts have vanished!!!
We have enjoyed reading all about the visit with the grandchildren and the monster clock.
We thank you for visiting our blog,
Madi (Sweet Cakes seems to be the most like of Mads nicknames) and Mom.