Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "OLD" Guy!

This is my hubby Ralph, I refer to him as the old guy, as he is six yrs older than me. But in spite of his age, he can still think kinda young, not as much as me though, hehe. He talks A LOT! I have never met a guy that talks as much as he does. It can be very hard to get a word in edgewise. On Sept. 11th, we will have been married five years. We are having the most fun together right now, planning our RVing future. We each want a different type of RV, but thats ok. I will probably let him have his way, cause otherwise he will talk my ear off even more. Anybody know what the best kind of earplugs are? Something that doesn't hurt my ears? Even though he has this one bad flaw (hehe), I love him very much! I am a very lucky woman to have Ralph in my life!


countryliving said...

OH RALPHIE!!!! You are just so darn lovable!

Madi and Mom said...

Gloria....Ralph is looking quite dapper in his tux....hang on to him. As for ear plugs...I haven't found any that drown out snoring...sorry so I expec they would not help much with talking either. Cecilia

Kathy said...

Gloria, that was sweet!
Grant uses Quiet Please, by Flents ear plugs, 'cause he can't sleep with my snoring after all of these years! That's not to say He doesn't snore, he just can't hear himself!
He claims he can't hear a thing with them on!

Ms. ~K said...

Congrats on your up-coming anniversary!!!
After making 3 cross-country RV trips we've decided that the family that can happily RV together, will stay together forever!
We're planning another trip early Sept.