Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Time Fave Pic Of My Babies!

Yes! I did say babies! You all know the doggie is Billy (I think you all know). The curly red-headed boy is my youngest son Gregory. (by the way, it took me having four kids to finally have a redhead!) Greg is twelve yrs old here, and boy, he sure did love Billy! In fact, he still asks how Billy is quite often. (Greg hates this pic, cause of his curls hehe) Of course, I always have this picture displayed for anyone to see it. Now, I actually have put it on the internet! (Greg would disown me for doing this hehe) Billy will be taking the road trip to MA in Oct, with us. What a happy time that will be! (My two babies seeing each other for the first time in two and a half years). Oh yes, Greg will be 24 in December, Billy will be 12 in November. Ahhhhhh........a mother's youngest children. (They have kept me young).


Kathy said...

Cute pic of both your babies!!
Why do the boys get all of the naturally curley hair?!! Both my sons got them and now they have their heads cut really close so they don't have to deal with the curls in summer!LOL

countryliving said...

Nice pic!!!! Memories...priceless.