Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funny Noises

Since we moved to Florida almost five years ago, I have been use to waking many a Saturday morning to a strange noise. It is this, right over our house! Those three lines are just part of the palm trees.


Gizzy's Mom said...

Cool..I used to see balloons in the early spring and fall mornings as I drove to work. One even landed on our company's lawn one day. I don't like heights so I'm not sure I'd like to be IN one .. but I sure like watching them.

Madi and Mom said...

Morning Gloria....what an amazing picture!!!
I love hot air balloons (from the ground only ha). One of our favorite places to eat on the weekends is McAllister's Deli other than my house they make the best sweet tea in the South. They have a small hot air balloon mobile hanging from the ceiling. I'm on a continuous hunt for that mobile. I'd love to hang it in the corner near the computer. I bet it is dang hot in FL 'cause it is dang hot in RALEIGH!!!

countryliving said...

I think the views from there would be beautiful, but I'm afraid of heights..........Bette and I will stay on the ground.