Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before And After

Here I am with my long, very whispy hair. Mom always tells me I must be having a bad hair day, cause my hair has never been pretty like most yorkies. I tell her' yeah, look at your own hair! Just cause I am not beauty parlor fresh, I am still good lookin in my own way. Besides, I am a guy, who cares?

Here I am after she got out that dratted chain saw, (dog clipper), and shaved me down to nudity! Good thing she didn't touch my beard and top locks with that noisy dang thing! And it is also a good thing that she has an assortment of shirts for me to wear, to cover up my baldness! This shirt is my Navy, First Mate one that I like to wear for my dad. ( He is retired Navy, a whole nother blog). She didn't get to my toenails yet. Good thing too, cause I will give her a whole lot more trouble then too! She wraps me in a straight jacket (towel) for that horrible ordeal. She thinks she is actually making me cute with all her torture. Who the heck do I have to impress at my age anyway?


chicamom85 said...

You are a very handsome boy. I don't understand all that grooming either. Just leave us be, the way nature intended.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Madi and Mom said...

Billy you look quite handsome with your beard. I like the full look around your face.
You kind of look like the king of the jungle Mr. Lion!!! When Mom gets ready to clip your nails, do you best lion G_R_O_W_L at her!!!
Madi and Mom

Kathy said...

Hey Billy, you look good dude in your new haircut! If you live in Florida don't you have to worry about being a real good "Chick Magnet"?
Yeah, I give my mom heck when it comes time to toe nail clipping! She calls min3 "bear claws". She got one of those silly paw nail trimmers, but I think it was meant for a dog your size. Takes forever and doesn't do much.
Hang in there buddy!

countryliving said...

Farm dogs don't have to go thru any of those predicaments!

Anonymous said...

Billy reminds me of my little Yorkie (who died when he was 9). His name was Dexter and he looked pretty strange when I used to clip his hair, too! Rub Billy belly for me for good luck!

Gloria said...

Oh Liz! You mean Billy is not one of a kind? He will feel so much better now when I tell him this and especially after I rub his belly.