Thursday, October 8, 2009

More.....Pink Heals Tour

I will not tell you how sherri dressed last year for this, but will give you a hint: what is worn next to the skin, was worn on top of clothes, and it was of course, pink! (they all do crazy things for the fun of it).Sherri, in all her gear. (I bet she wishes she could keep that pink firemens jacket!)

She is a passenger in the cab this year and sooooo excited to be able to do that!

Do you think the little girl likes Sherri's wig? (probably thinks she is goofy! )

Another view of the firetrucks in Concord NH. This years, Walk For Breast Cancer, in Concord NH, is being held on the 17th of October. Sherri walks in it every year, and usually brings in a good amount of money from her sponsors. Besides helping make the pink fireman's suits, she also made about 80 pink and white lace garters, to be given out to survivors. From all the pictures I have seen of this entire event, Concord NH appears to do it up pretty big, for a wonderful cause!


My Mind's Eye said...

Gloria I think our little group of bloggers need to make a road trip to Concord, NH next year. Sherri's devotion shows in her face. Wish her my very best.
Madi and Mom

countryliving said...

What a great thing to do!!!

Man, you have some pretty neat kids!

Anonymous said...

Those pink trucks are pretty cool. I would certainly do a double-take if I saw one tootling down the road!


Gail Drake said...

Gloria, WOW! Pink Fire Trucks! Tell us about them. Where do they come from? How does someone get them to come to their Breast Cancer Survivors Day? Is there a website with info? I found your site through the News Miner.

Kathy said...

Gloria, send Sherri our best wishes for this year's ride on the pink fire truck!!! What a good person she is to do so much for others!! Looks like loads of fun!!