Friday, November 13, 2009

Color Through The Glass

OK, so I cheated! I never took any good pictures of the foliage in MA while I was there. Actually, there wasn't a whole lot to see or the time to even take pictures. The best we even saw, was a multitude of "Burning Bush", and their lovely red color. Which, by the way, looked like an artist had just painted them! But, of course, my camera was not available then. So.......I cheated! I took pictures of the ride home in the car, through the windows! And........the ride south, was much prettier, then the ride north. Even though it was raining quite a bit.......sun not was a paintbox of color to my eyes! The beauty of what I was witnessing............blessed me.....and took away my heartache........of saying goodbye.


chicamom85 said...

I think its ok to cheat sometimes. The pictures are nice.


Madi and Mom said...

Great Pictures with beautiful colors.
That stretch of road looks suspiciously like I95??
HA!! You all have a great weekend. I believe the rain is about over. Whew!!!
Madi and Mom

Jan Mader said...

It doesn't matter where the pictures came from....cheating worked! The photos still looked terrific!

Kathy said...

You took great pictures of the fall color through the windshield! Some times, that's the only chance I get!
"Look honey, there's a wolf!" Whoosh as we drove through the Yukon!
"Look honey, there's a black bear!" Whoosh as we
drive from West Glacier to East Glacier. Too fast
to get the pics!
I hope the weekend doesn't have any more rain for you!

countryliving said...

I wish fall colors lasted longer.

chelle said...

Not bad for driving down the road....and that's how I took mine too...LOL
Now....if you could have just STOPPED in Jersey....

Gloria said...

I know Chelle, blame my husband!!!