Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day, Get a Pair Of Sissors Dad

According to Billy, we put our tree up way to early this year! He has been smelling around the gift bags everyday, to see if there was something there for him. Just like a little kid! And somehow, he knows his stuff always comes in a gift bag! Don't tell me dogs arn't smart. He checked again, first thing this morning! I happened to be on the phone with the kids from Alaska, (6:30am) and he was getting very impatient. He just knew, there was finally something for him! Listen to the video, you'll hear that dear old dad also wanted Billy to get his presents. I actually had a second video that was really cute, but forgot to turn the record off, so it ended up being over an hour long. Don't think you all would want to watch that!

Anyway, after two gift bags to get into this morning, and testing the treats and toys inside them, Billy was a real happy camper!


Ms. ~K said...

I'm trying to hand scissors to Ralph through the computer-chuckle!!!
Billy was being so patient, except his little tail was going crazy!!!
Thanks for sharing the cute video!

Madi and Mom said...

Billy you are the most patient puppy I have ever seen!!I wanted to reach through the computer grab 'Dad proof' bag and open it myself!! WE LOVE your little tail that is the first time we've seen it in action. Oh and the Santa Suit is too much!!! Great video and post!!!
Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious!!! I just laughed and laughed! Billy is so patient, yet so eager...look at that little tail! Billy looks adorable in his little suit. What a tough bag of do treats! Hope the sack eventually got opened. Loved the video!