Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rum Buddy Party

Remember these two Ice Cold Buddies? I just happened to get up during the night, cause I heard a lot of noise going on, out on the lanai.

Here is what I found! These guys were making all kinds of racket and just drinking away! See that rum bottle? is empty! Wow! I wonder what Ralph will think when he finds out all his rum is gone? They sure had better get to the Packy, and replace it soon! (At least they used the snowman glasses.)
Not only that, but one of their friends was in the living room, dancing away to Christmas music! He is saying, "Oh No, we got caught"! I'll tell you, something is always waking me up here! First it could be sirens, or the dog, thunder, or it might be one of my kids, er BOYS, calling me at whatever hour. I NEVER suspected my "Ice Cold Buddies" would become a part of my loss of sleep!

Don't worry, I have warned them all, that if they don't behave, they will have to stay in the storage boxes next year!


Ms. ~K said...

Oh you bad, bad snowmen...You need to COOL it before you get into trouble!

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my word as if you need one more thing to keep you awake!!! If Ralph doesn't kick them to the curb for drinking his better lock up the good stuff over night.

Too funny,
Madi and Mom

Kathy said...

Cute pics and story!! Mischievous snowmen!

BTW I love the early morning light in Fairbanks, too! I saw your post on AC, it was very orange out with the snow falling!! Another snow fix for me, too!

Gizzy's Mom said...

Oh that devil rum...!

Anonymous said...

And just where was sweet Billy when all this racket was going on? Hope they didn't scare him with all that noise! Ninny will drive to Florida and hug him....