Saturday, April 3, 2010

Next Year

Before next Easter comes around, I MUST make these! Now all I have to do is find a pattern. What a lovely center piece it would make on my coffee table. And also something nice to make for all my kiddos! So.........if any of you out there, see a pattern for Crocheted Easter Eggs, let me know where.


Madi and Mom said...

Oh my word the crocheted eggs and baske are did I miss this on Friday...too much running around I guess...I know first thing Friday I had a time leaving comments on blogger.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Ok now I'm confused...the above picture was not what I saw when I first got on your least I don't think it is. HA!!! They say the mind is the first thing to go,
Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty!!! A friend once made me some snowflakes for my Christmas tree. They look hard to do!


GonetoTheSnowDogs said...

Oh those are beautiful!!!

Woo WooOOooo
Shiloh, Shelby, and their Mom

Anonymous said...

I found this pattern--it's different but I thought pretty.

Happy Easter!


countryliving said...

I believe I'm one of your had me when you were 4.

Remington said...

VERY nice! If I find the pattern I will let you know. Have you ever checked out this free pattern link?