Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smiling Like A Chesshire Cat, But I'm Not A Cat!

My mom thinks I am smiling like a Chesshire Cat! I don't even know what that is, but I am positive I am not a cat! I am just smiling cause I am sunbathing, and it feels great! You want another good reason I am smiling? Today is Mom's 300th blog! She wasn't sure she would make it 100 days, let alone 300! Not much longer, and it will be our year aniversary! I sure will be smiling that day, from ear to ear!


Madi and Mom said...

Billy what a good reason to smile Mom's 300 Blog post. Congrats mom way to go. I think we started this journey about the same time.
Billy you look very happy in the sun too.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

Billy in reply to your comments on my blog.....
I AM A DIVA...I don't chase my food it is served to me on Waterford crystal...much like the kitty on the Fancy Feast commercial.....Madi
Mom's reply: IN YOUR DREAMS Madi

Anonymous said...

Oh Billy, you are so adorable! Wish I were there to scoop you up and smother you with Okie Kisses!! Hope you're feeling better and enjoy your spot in the sun!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That is Awesome!!
I hope I make it to 100....lol
sometimes I run out of things to say....maybe Ralph can help....lol

Caribou Crackers

Remington said...

300 blogs! That is GREAT! How about another 3 million! Looking forward to it! Love you smile....but you are right....you are NOT a cat!

Kathy said...

Whoohoo!!! 300 posts already!

Billy you look so cute smiling and enjoying the sun!

countryliving said...

Congrats on 300 posts!

Liz..........runs out of things to say............rofl.