Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update Of Backyard Babies

This first one is not very clear, but at least you can see them.

This pic was taken with a flash. They show up pretty good!

Snuggling with Mom!

Feeding time! All these pics were taken at about 1 1/2 weeks of age. Today, they are, 16 days old. The other night, as I was falling asleep on the Lanai, I believe I heard flapping wings. They very well, may be ready to leave the nest by 3 weeks of age. As the babies get older, they actually get  kinda mean and ugly looking. Hopefully, I will be able to capture more shots of them, before they leave.


Kathy said...

Great pics, Gloria! Mama is very patient with you so close to the nest!
Yeah, I thought they resemble the "Mad Blue Bird" pose! tee hee hee
When they can fly they get to a certain point and they look like half size versions of their parents, sort of "mini me's".

Madi and Mom said...

What a precious picture and Mama dove is so loving...Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

Really good shots, Gloria! What a wonderful place to have that nest...right where you can see them!


Remington said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Isn't it fun to watch them? Happy May Day!