Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey, Is Some Of That Spagetti For Me?

You sure had better save some me! I am really an Italian dog you know! My ancestors are really from Italy, and not Yorkshire, England! So please give me a plate, with some meatballs, and garlic bread!!!


chelle said...

Mmmmmmmmm sketti's are sooooo yummy! I'm with you Billy...I think they should give you a taste!

Anonymous said... too. I can't eat so they can give you my share ;)

Remington said...

My favorite dish!

Ms. ~K said...

My first graders called it buh-sgetti...hope you got some Billy!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Billy I love pasta too...maybe you and I can do a remake of Lady and The Tramp eating spaghetti....ask Mom to tell you about that..It is one of mom's favorite Disney movies.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call alert!