Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Course We're Irish

You betcha we are Irish! Mom hangs out this funny looking little guy every year. He kinda scares when I go outside to do my business. But I finally get use to him hanging around!
And of course I always wear some Irish attire! Though I sure wish you all would tell Mom to either buy or make me a new scarf! This one is about eight years old, and is getting kinda faded. Oh, and by the way, we had corned beef twice! Yes! Yummy, yummy, yum!


Christmas-etc... said...

So that's what you are! Irish! What a great land to be from - or even - live in still!
Irish Blessings to you and your family!

My Mind's Eye said...

Billy your scarf isn't faded. Your beautiful eyes are so shiny they make everything else dull.

Mom loves the little guy you found hiding outside but I agree with you it would spook me too,
Hugs Madi

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Hi Billy. You are adorable in that scarf... Gracie loves corned beef and wants to know if you'll share with her next time. lol. Have a great Monday!!

Remington said...

You look so cool, Billy! Enjoy your yummy's!

Ms. ~K said...

We had corned beef, cabbage and green beer...well, the peeps had the green beer!!!

Donna McNicol said...

Daddy put mommy's motorcycle buff on me cause it had green in it. He's Scottish but mommy is both Scottish and Irish. [snicker]


Anonymous said...

Actually Billy, you and the little guy look very much alike. Is he a relative of yours? Aww, you're still cuter!

Liz and Tootie

Anonymous said...

Lookin Good Billy!!!!

Kathy said...

Billy, you make a very cute leprechaun! :)