Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Worry


Cause I'm actually happy in here! I feel really safe in my crate. I also gots a really nice Cracker Barrel fleece blankie to lie on. The Woman told me she won it at a CB party when she worked there. She is happy to share it with me she says.
PS, I am hearing that my Mom is going away. That sure stinks! Something about, Sherri, Jen, Clint, Greg, Julia, Joey, Ayden, and a few other names are being mentioned. Who's all them peoples? SHEESH! Guess I will have to persuade Dad into a few things then while she is away! Maybe he will take me to Disney World!


Bobbi said...

HAHAHA! Oh Mindy, you are so adorable!! Gracie used to like her 'cage' when she was little, too. As a matter of fact, we'd leave the door of it open and she'd go in it herself to feel 'safe'. Good luck with convincing your Dad to take you to Disney World. I hope your Mom has a safe and fun time. Sending lots of love from Gracie and Me. XXX

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mindy, when The Woman, is away you can talk The Man into anything. Worked for Faded Roses and me when we were kids! I say, put on your best smile, use your potty pads often, and cuddle in his lap. Then ask for a mink blankie for your crate.

Anonymous said...

Miss Mindy, Tell your dad to come visit me!!! We don't live to far apart!! and I sure would LOVVVVVVE to meet you :)

Christine said...

You mean you aren't going with the woman? Bummer. I bet all them peoples would love to meet you.

Madi and Mom said...

Miss Mindy please tell Mom to have a safe trip.
I bet when she returns she'll say OMD Miss Mindy your grew a foot while I was away. If she does...don't worry that you have a 5th foot it is just human speak.
Hugs Madi