Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Coming?

How come you don't do peepees or poopies in the grass too? Cause you don't get any cookies if you do? I'll share mine.............just sayin!
Puppy kisses, Miss Mindy


Jill said...


Anonymous said...

ROFL....Miss Mindy your so sweet for sharing :)

Madi and Mom said...

Oh Missy Mindy be sure to take a picture for sharing with us when that happens.

Hugs form your BFFF,

Ms. ~K said...

You're a silly girl, but adorable!

Kathy said...

Good Girl, Miss Mindy!
BTW, we often wait to see if your Mom or Mz Liz are the first to comment on our blog!
Mom won this time! LOL

Remington said...

Now THAT is a very good question!

Christine said...

I'm dying to know how your moma answered that question.