Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mom's Snowman

This is Mom's new Snowman she got for Christmas. When she isn't looking, I think I will just chew on it, just a little bit!
"Miss Mindy! I heard you! DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT CHEW ON MY SNOWMAN!" Uh, OK Mom, I won't................yet.
Lovies, Miss Mindy

PS: Gracie, you didn't tell your Mom anything about Sat. nite did you? Mum's the word ya know!!! Thats why I am NOT going to blog about it. Got to keep my Bloggy Buddys, and my secrets, secret!!!


Madi and Mom said...

Miss Mindy it is best to look away from the new snowman so that you are not tempted to take a bite out of his carrot nose. Trust me when I tell you chewing on the peeps property will send you to the slammer. When I was a wee kitten I was caught chewing on the finial on our grandfather clock..and yes I was on top of it...another story for another day.
Hugs from your BFFF, Madi

Bassetmomma said...

Remember Miss Mindy, Mommas have eyes in the backs of their heads!! Eewwww!

Remington said...

That is a very nice snowman....I know I would have a tough time not chewing on it too....

Bobbi said...

Gracie said, when you're ready to chew on it let her know... she'll be there. and she said her lips are zipped (but her diary wasn't... lol. guess who knows?)

Kari in Vegas said...

My pups would have a VERY hard time not chewing

Stop on by for a visit

JackDaddy said...

Wow, you even have to get dressed up just to sit on the couch!! :)

Ms. ~K said...

Love the new snowman!
Is it cold down in FL tonight? We didn't get above freezing all day! Brrrrr!