Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh My, So Good

GOSH! That sure was tasty!

I am in HEAVEN!
(Orange Sherbet is what I was eating, hehe)
Lovies, Miss Mindy


Madi and Mom said...

Morning sweet thing....Mom tried to reach through the monitor to touch your orange sherbet tongue.
What a great pic give mom a raise.

Being older and wiser I would like to tell you to eat ice cream slowly to avoid an ice cream headache. MOL
Hugs from your BFFF,

Bassetmomma said...

Orange sherbert does sound yummy Miss Mindy! You look like a model in that second picture! LOL!

Jill said...

You could do commercials for that orange sherbet!

Kathy said...

That must have been very tasty on a hot FL afternoon!
What a cool way to cool off! (Pun intended :)
I love your orange mustache! LOL

Kari in Vegas said...

mmmm orange sherbert is perfect for summer

Stop on by for a visit

Hound Girl said...

YUMMY Haylie loves some popsicles so we might have to try some orange sherbert next!

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you are a lucky pup. sandie

Remington said...

Yummy! That sounds so good....I think I will run to the store and get some! Thanks, my friend!

2browndawgs said...

Oh sounds so yummy! You are a lucky girl Miss Mindy.