Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom's B-Day Part 1

I finally got to meet my human brother, Greg! He lives in MA. He had to go to work that day, so we just had another picnic in a park.  Greg sure seemed to be a very nice guy! Think I will keep him around for awhile! (BOL)

The next day was Mom's 29th birthday???? HUH? Well, thats what her boys said! I honestly thought she was much older!
Anyway, we took the grandson, Greg's son, to a super park called, World War 1 Memorial Park. There were some very neat animals there, none I had ever seen before. The smells around that place were just terrific! In fact, I think I was getting a bit high on those odor's! (tee hee)

We walked all around the park, and came upon this wishing well. Greg put a quarter in and made a wish for him and Ayden. There were many playing areas for kids, and of course we stopped at every one for Ayden. 

Ayden sure enjoyed being pushed on the swings by his dad! I don't think I would have wanted to do that though. I really loved this little guy, and his Dad and hope I get to see them again soon, and certainly more often! Maybe the wish that was made........was to sell our house in FL, so we can move back up north?????
Many Lovies to Greg an Ayden,
Miss Mindy


Finn said...

What a nice day! I am sure the human brother will be back!

Unknown said...

Glad you had such a nice day. Have a wonderful day today Miss Mindy.
Best wishes Molly

My Mind's Eye said...

WHAT A FINE 29TH B-DAY YOUR MOM HAD. I BET SHE WAS SMILING BIG TO BE ABLE TO SPEND IT WITH HER HUMAN BABIES TOO! OMDs you have a handsome little boy may I share him with you? Ayden looks like he can run fast too
Hugs from your BFFF
PS we can certainly put cheese in the biscuits

Jill said...

How wonderful to have been with family for Mom's 29th (grin) birthday! Such a handsome grandson!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Happy birthday to your Mom!!! Of course she is 29! AFter all, she is much younger than me... and I am 35. LOL. Hey, I got a real kick out of that first picture of your human brother and your dad. Check out that body language. It says, like father... like son. (hand on knee. other arm leaning on railing) Nice pictures!! Good times for your Mom on her 29th!!

Remington said...

Awesome! Your mommy is only one year older than Beth....she seems to stay at 28....strange....

Remington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes too!

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a wonderful day that was. And also sending happy birthday wishes.

Princess Jasmine said...

Wow, what an exciting time you have been having. We think your mummy has had a wonderful birthday by the sounds of it :)xx

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! I hope your treating her extra special today!!
Have a great day!

2browndawgs said...

That sure looks like a fun park...swings for the little people and smells for you! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Bassetmomma said...

Looks like great times! Happy "29th" Birthday to your Momma! :)

3 doxies said...

OMD, you is back, I has missed you! Tells your mom happy birfday!!!!!

I am sa thrilled ya'll had such a great time visitin'...I knows Ayden fells smack in love withs you.


Maggie Mae and Max said...

Miss MIndy,

Max and me thinks it would be wonderful to have you lives up in da north cuz you be closer to us. :)
Happy Birfday to your sweet momma!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Kathy said...

Gloria, what a FUN way to celebrate your birthday!!
So glad you got to be with the family!
That is one honking big lobster in Part 2!
A Belated Happy Birthday to you,
Hugs, Kathy