Friday, January 14, 2011

In My Glory

As a lover of Snowmen, of course I am going to be in my glory, between two of them! This photo was taken at Downtown Disney.


Anonymous said...

I Love Downtown Disney!!! next time you go let us know we will meet you there!!

Peggy Frezon said...

I love snowmen too. I decorate my porch with snowmen items every winter. I don't think those two giant guys would fit though!

Remington said...

That is SOOOO cool! I love snowmen!

Madi and Mom said...

MOL Billy tell your mom that my mom said look at Miss Gloria in her Glory!!! Mom thinks she funny so I have to act amused...

GREAT picture!!!

Hugs and Happy Friday,
Madi and Mom

Kathy said...

Those look like the perfect kind of snowmen for Florida - they don't melt! :)

I love snowmen, too. When we got to our camp site in Nevada there still was a patch of snow on the patio from a week ago.
However, it was solid ice!
Darn, I couldn't build on!
But Raider enjoyed slipping and sliding on it and eventually eating some of it!
I warned him about "brain freezes"! :)

I love Billy's bright eyed photo as your header!

Bobbi said...

So cute!! Now those are big snowmen. Now I don't think the wind would blow them over like it does the smaller ones... "Hi Billy!!" ~ from Gracie.